Preschool Program

august 2018

Over the past month the children in the Preschool room have become very interested in the Magnatile blocks that are found in our room.

Over this time we have seen the children use the tiles in many different ways. Each creation is reflective of the developmental learning that is happening.

The children have progressed through the early stages of block play which include rows and towers both vertically and horizontally, to building enclosures for people, animals and cars, to naming their creations and representing different ideas and 3 dimensional shapes. The children are able to name their creations and explain each part and its purpose.

Playing with these magnatiles aids in the development of concrete thinking, problem solving and patience. These tiles also support the development of early math and science skills, along with creative expression. These skills are seen daily in their play with these items; along with some magnificent creations and structures.

Amanda Leclair R,ECE

Tawni Johnston R,ECE BA/BED

Ashie Johnson R,ECE