Preschool Program

april 2018

As part of our programming at Schoolhouse Playcare Centre we have the opportunity to visit Pinewood Court Long Term Care facility and spend time with the seniors engaging in different activities. Both the children and the seniors enjoy this intergenerational program.

This month a group of Preschoolers attended an outing to Pinewood to share a playdough experience.

Isaac was one of the preschoolers to attend this month. Watching Isaac interact with one of the seniors was a wonderful experience for all to witness. As they sat across from each other smiling they worked together and built many different creations. Isaac would laugh at the creations that the senior made for him when they were funny, and in return he was eager and willing to share his creations with her.

When it was time to leave Isaac did not want to go, he told his new friend that he was going to, “come back”

As we walked back to daycare we noticed her in the window and she waved to us, Isaac stated, “there my friend!” and waved back to her smiling.

Amanda Leclair R,ECE

Savannah Chabot-Fortner R,ECE