Preschool Program

march 2019

Since Monday the children have been having some deep discussions as to why the fabrics came off of our poles in our room. Originally we took off the fabrics to freshen the look of the poles and were going to add some different materials until the children expressed that they had their own ideas. They shared that they wanted to make the poles into “flowers” or “trees” with leaves. Some of the children said “we need to have grass growing at the bottom” which we will be looking into how this can happen. We brought these ideas back to the rest of the group and they all are in agreement that this is a great idea. We have approached some artistic volunteers from Superior CVI with this project and they offered to come and paint the children’s ideas onto the poles!

Today we took the children for a community walk to go on a “Tree Hunt”. We searched for different types of trees and took photos as references. From these photos the children will be sketching their ideas/representations to present to the volunteers.

Natasha Agostino RECE

Amanda LeClair RECE