Infant Program

February 2018

The Toddler Program’s use of the light projector inspired a new way to expand on the Infants’ previous explorations around light, colour and transparency. We had given an older piece of artwork (glitter finger paint on MacTac) a new purpose and it was trimmed into several pieces so it could fit on the projector screen.

The artwork was projected onto the wall, and the tinted transparent paint and glitter created a larger-than-life sized splash of colour for the children to explore.

To challenge the children’s thinking (and ours too!); we began to find other items that could be projected onto the wall. Some of the items we have tried so far include one of our coloured ‘witch balls’, some of our sensory bottles, shadow play with our puppets (not shown) and drawing images on a clear plastic sheet protector with a dry-erase marker!

At this time we aren’t sure what is holding the children’s fascination in regards to the projector: Is it the novelty of a new item in the environment? Is it the colour? Or, is it the movement of the objects on the screen?

What do you think the children’s theories are? Any thoughts?

Don McMahon R,ECE

Tawni Johnston R,ECE BA/BED