Infant Program

January 2018

One of the universal truths that educators learn while working with young children is how the simplest of items can possess the most impact.

As a parent, educator or a young child; how many of you can remember the fascination a plain cardboard box had, or even a set of pots and a wooden spoon?

Here’s a wonderful example of this idea in practice; the infant in this picture is exploring a sensory bag (which is a fancy way of saying it’s a zipper-type sealable plastic bag) containing hair gel and water beads.The blue glow is from our light cube, which is acting as a tabletop surface for the children to work on.

Safely sealed within the bag, the contents of the bag can be easily manipulated.There is a variety of textures offered by the plastic bag, the beads and the gel.The thickness of the gel offers resistance to the movement of the beads, and the shimmery colours of the light box are diffused by the contents of the bag.

Imagine; all of the potential learning that could happen by combining simple everyday materials.

The beauty of simplicity.

Don McMahon R,ECE

Tawni Johnston R,ECE BA/BED