Infant Program

September 2017

Exploring Finger Paint

Over the last few weeks the infants have had several opportunities to explore fingerpaints. When introducing Art materials (not only to infants but other age groups as well) there is a lot of thought involved on the educator’s behalf. Some questions that may be considered can include:

“What is the purpose behind introducing the materials?”

“When would the best time be to provide this experience?”

“Will there be enough uninterrupted time for the children to explore, investigate and discover what the materials can do?”

The photo documents the infants’ most recent experience with the paint. Some children were content to use their fingers, hands, arms and their bodies to literally immerse themselves in the paint; how the paint felt as it moved along the paper and how it felt on their skin. Other children had the opportunity to explore sponges and brushes, which provided a different challenge. As an added sensory experience, some rice found its way onto the paint; which introduced a new tactile sensation.

Don McMahon R,ECE Tawni Johnston RECE BA/BED