Infant Program

december 2018

Schema Learning:Investigating How Things Attach Together

If you recall, last month we had shared about the children’s interest in the trains and train tracks.As it turns out, one of our possible theories were correct:the tracks and trains were merely the media being used to explore how things connect and come apart!In fact, after some self-reflection and by reviewing past observations and documentation; we realized that the Infants had been exploring this schema of Attaching/Connecting for quite a while!

Some of our past activities that could fit under the Attaching/Connecting schema included magnets, stickers, Mac Tac and our experiences with painters and electrical tape.

To continue to build on the children’s learning; we recently incorporated materials such as Mega Blocks, Snap Blocks, window clings and Velcro curlers to challenge their thinking!We are excited to see where the children could lead us next!

Don McMahon RECE

Jessica Chikoski RECE