Infant Program

september 2018

Welcome back!

As usual, September has flown by very, very quickly.After a fun-filled summer, we have some new children starting in the Infant Program and a new learning team with Don and Jessica.

The first priority when starting back in the Fall is forming and building relationships.There are many levels involved; educators getting to know children and families, children building relationships with each other, and children having a relationship with their learning environments and all of the materials involved!

The infants have really begun to settle into the new rhythms of their day, and we are observing that the children are really exploring and engaging in their environments, both indoors and out.

Take a moment to examine the photo; what has captured the children’s attention?

What do they see?What can they hear?Did they notice something at the same time or did they follow one another over to the playground gate?

Don McMahon R,ECE

Jessica Chikoski R,ECE