Infant Program

march 2018

“Go, Go, Infants Go!”

Our group of infants are continuously challenging themselves in their learning environment.Recently we have been observing how the children have been exploring their developing gross motor skills through climbing and standing on items such as our chairs and our mats to test their balance and co-ordination.

On one particular morning, we brought in the push bikes for the infants to explore.

The infants had a wonderful time investigating the push bikes.Some children were able to climb onto the seat and push along with their feet; others were content to merely sit.Some children preferred to use the handlebars and push the bikes along the floor.

To give them more of an obstacle-free space to manoeuvre, the infants had the opportunity to use the bikes in the hallway!We will definitely be re-offering this experience again!

Don McMahon R,ECE

Tawni Johnston R,ECE BA/BED