Infant Program

may 2018

From an educator’s perspective; one of the greatest joys in working with children is sharing in their discoveries.And, it’s even more exciting when the discovery occurs completely by accident.

During outside playtime the other day Liam was walking along the cement path when he stopped moving and noticed his shadow.After observing it for a few moments, he began walking and was watching as his shadow moved with him.

Take a close look at the photos.What do you think Liam is thinking?What theories could he be making as he watches the shadow move?As he touches his shadow on the pavement does he recognize it for what it is, or is there a completely separate thought involved?

It’s easy to take for granted that something as simple and everyday as a shadow could provoke such curiosity.This is the type of moment that gets us, as educators just as excited!

Don McMahon R,ECE

Tawni Johnston R,ECE BA/BED