Gymnastics Workshop with Brenda

We will be ‘springing back into action’ this year as we will be offering a Gymnastics Club which will be offered at Grey street site, every Tuesday for six weeks starting from March 22, until April 26 2016. This program will be running at a group of eight preschool children so it’s a first come basis.

Brenda Walkoski will be running this program. She has been employed with Schoolhouse Playcare Center for ten years now and is currently our Head Educator at the Grey Street site. She coached Gymnastics back in Kenora, ON for six years and continued to coach it when she moved to Thunder Bay, ON for another two years. She has a lot of experience and knowledge in Gymnastics with her Level 1 Certificate- Technical, Practical, and Theory that she received in Winnipeg, MB.

In this six week session she will be introducing a balance beam, trampoline, matts to tumble on, a tunnel, rhythmic ribbons and hula-hoops. This program will be based on what the children want to learn, what they already know, how they can teach each other and how we can challenge them in their skills and abilities, keeping in mind that each child learns at their own pace and level of comfort.