After School Program

september 2018

Isaac Can Do It! – Sept.4th/18

Today in our program Isaac faced a dilemma.He was very captivated by the contraption blocks for the majority of his day.Isaac would go over to the blocks and look at the book beside it that was filled with different structural ideas.He then would bring the book to his educators and suggest that we build the structures for him.The educators encouraged Isaac to attempt to build his own structure by looking at the pictures he saw in the book or based off of his own imagination.Isaac said “I can’t”.He continued to say “I can’t” whenever the educators tried to encourage him to build a creation. He took a break from this experience to utilize the outdoor classroom.Once he came indoors he returned to the same area as previously noted.After a while he approached one of his educators and asked her to ‘come and look!’His face lit up with pride!

“Isaac did it!”

Alexis Trepanier R,ECE

Kaylene Zelkovich Educator Assistant