After School Program

January 2019


Exploring New Levels with Tabletop Manipulative Materials

This afternoon Emerson noticed the small tiles were set up at one of the tables.He approached the table and selected a few of the tiles.The Educator asked if she could sit beside him and observe him as he got familiar with the pieces.He was very inviting to her.Emerson began to create a structure and the Educator asked him to tell her a little about it.“It’s a type of stairs.”The educator looked at the structure and could see very clearly step like pieces going up or down.Emerson explained further to his Educator, ‘I’m going to make this real one day and then there’s going to be another floor on top.’He picked up a larger piece that resemble a board and place it on top of his ‘stairs’.Emerson continued to work and explore with these manipulative materials for quite some time, experimenting with different levels and patterns.

Alexis Trepanier RECE

Kaylene Zelkovich Educator Assistant