After School Program

december 2018

The Wonders of Loose Parts

As the other children were wrapping presents in the atelier , Shelby explained he was not interested in that activity. His educator, Kaylene, asked him what he would like to do since they were not in their room at this time. Shelby asked “can I just be in here” as he pointed to the loose parts area in the hall. Shelby looked at all the items and materials on the loose parts shelves. Shelby began touching different items on the loose parts shelf by shaking, rolling, and tapping them listening to the sounds they made. In this moment, you can see Shelby discovered an idea. In a circle, Shelby put a small wood stump with a wood cookie on top, a wood bowl with a rectangle wood board , a wooden bowl with a hand mixer beater, filled a glass candle jar with wooden oval beads and put the lid on, filled a lid with metal shapes and put another lid to enclose it then placed it on top of another plastic lid, a vhs tape, two records on top of each other, and a plastic rope with clips all on the ground. Shelby practiced using each item in an order going around the circle while maintaining the same consistent beat throughout. Kaylene was able to capture this moment in a video as well. The video speaks 100 languages.

Alexis Trepanier RECE

Kaylene Zelkovich After School Program Educator