After School Program

november 2018

The educator set up a sensory experience at the light table using small crystals and paint brushes.Once the children arrived for the afternoon Alex and Joel were immediately drawn to explore this experience.Alex was filled with wonder and questions about what was happening.The Educator sat close by and observed the questions and actions taking place.Both children became entranced as they slowly moved their paint brushes through the crystals in long, slow movements.Alex asked, ‘how do they make that noise?’He had his own answer.‘It’s probably the rocks banging together or the pressure of the paint brushes.’The Educator was curious and asked if he could describe the noise he was hearing.Alex told her it was ‘a weird, random noise.’Both boys continued to make long strokes through the crystals.Alex and Joel began to hypothesize about what the crystals really were.Alex thought, ‘polished, and washed up rocks and maybe crystals.’He picked a handful up and showed them closely to Joel. ‘See, there are dots all over them!’

Alexis Trepanier RECE

Kaylene Zelkovich Educator Assistant