Toddler Program

november 2021

While the children have been exploring the repetition of the story Brown Bear Brown Bear, we also recognize other stories the children have been revisiting in our program. One that comes to mind is the Head-to-Toe story! The children enjoy exploring the movements the animals create and exploring different ways they can move around the room too!

Together we sat and read Brown Bear Brown Bear Head-to-Toe edition, we asked the children “I am a brown bear and I can…… can you….. too?” and together the children shouted out what the brown bear could do! We continued this phrase with each animal throughout the story.

Phrase; “I am a (animal) and I can…. Can you …. too?”

Brown Bear- “rawr!”

Red Bird- “flies” “flies in the sky”

Yellow Duck- ”Quack Quack”

Blue Horse- “neigh”

Green Frog- “hop like a green frog” “Ribbit”

Purple Cat- “meow”

White Dog- “panting sounds” tongue out “woof”

Black sheep- “baaa”

Goldfish- “gulp gulp” “kissy faces”

Teacher- “hello friends”

Children- “hello” waves

Sayshell Brown RECE

Jessica Chikoski RECE