School Age Program

January 2023

This month we brought a speaker back into our program to incorporate music in our day-to-day activities. Already we've noticed the children's creativity come to life as they sing, dance, play, and create. Some of the children have been creating calm areas in the gym that are for fine motor and literacy activities. The music helps the children feel calm as they work on their rainbow loom creations, draw pictures or read books.

Another way the children have been enjoying the music is by having a dance party. The children have been showing off their awesome and unique dance moves in freeze dance, as well as taking on creative art, movement, and dance in a fun exciting way.

We are looking forward to seeing how the music will move the children as we continue to explore different music and the different ways we can incorporate it in our program.

Alesha Spirka Educator

Katja Chasty Educator