Preschool Program

september 2022

“Once there was a small black cricket with 10 legs - (O). He was a happy guy with a BIG smile - (O). He took a trail to find his house - (G). He almost got lost along the way because there were so many trees and rocks - (O). When he arrived at his home, he was hungry - (R). so he went off back outside to find some food, he took the trail to find blackberries that grow on bushes and cucumbers that grow in the ground- (O). On the way back from finding something to eat he found his friend! - (R). “
The end

The preschool children have been busy investigating small crickets that we have been finding around our center! Creating their own representations, we have been using different types of media such as plasticine, projectors, stories, dramatic play, and so much more! The above story was created by the children during a small group gathering! Do you hear any cricket stories at home from the children? Please share...

Cassandra Sheedy RECE

Meghan Ahtila RECE