Preschool Program

august 2022

Due to the construction that has been occurring just outside of our playground this past month, it has quickly become a HUGE interest in the Preschool Classroom!

Every morning, the children gather around our classroom windows to watch the construction vehicles dig, scoop, and pour! Every morning after our morning snack, the preschoolers are eager to go outside and get working on their “construction site” that they created beside our garden!

From collaboratively building different trucks with the large blocks in our classroom, creating paint projects using toy trucks and watching the different tracks being made whether they were big, small, diagonal or squiggly, to immediately gravitating to a dirt area in our playground that is right beside the action. This has been a large and on-going investigation within our classroom!

Emily Merenda RECE

Carly Baratta RECE

Cassandra Sheedy RECE