Infant Program

november 2021

On a gloomy day we brought in some empty bubble wands and added glow sticks to them and left them on our shelf since. Since then, we’ve noticed the children using them to explore sound. Over the past week, on multiple occasions, we’ve noticed the children banging the sticks together or holding them like drum sticks and banging them on a variety of different items around our room, such as the floor, laundry basket, shelves.

Later in the week, we expanded off this idea and added a variety of different materials to the inside of the wands to create different sounds. B, S, M, O, E, and N all joined in to help fill the containers while G and K hung back observing the group and joined in exploring the sounds once they were made.

During this activity the children showed great fine motor development as they picked up the small materials and placed them into the small openings of the bubble wands. They also were great at sharing and waiting for one another to finish before placing their item into the hole.

Throughout the month we have continued to explore sound and movement. We’ve created activities for the children to continue to explore and extend on this interest and have noticed them finding their own ways to extend on sound and movement.

Here are some activities we have done:

Creative movement with fabric.

Incorporating sound into our art with ice painting.

Bells on sticks and Jingle balls for rolling and shaking.

Songs and stories

Animal sounds.

Madison Myefors RECE

Nicole Heath RECE

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