Infant Program

may 2024

One morning Madi brought her tent to daycare and set it up outside. The children have been enjoying their time outside so much the last few weeks and we thought why not add a small shaded area for them to explore. We asked parents if their children had ever seen a tent before, most of you said no, so we let the children explore!

Before we went outside that morning we pointed to our yard, “what’s that out there?” we ask the children. We tell them it's a tent. M.S points outside, “tent” she says.

D.T, D.S, and N.E are the first ones outside and they rush over to the tent. We unzip the door and they climb inside. Right away D.T tries to zip up the door, “it’s stuck” she says. Madi pulled it tight and D.T started to zip it up. D.S and N.E walk in and out of the tent to practice lifting their feet up so they don't trip over the lip. We brought some soft blocks and a blanket in and Madi laid down, D.S and D.T joined in. L.S comes into the tent and starts to throw the blocks out the door, D.S follows suit. Once the blocks are out of the way they reach up and try to touch the top of the tent. Then the children walk around inside with their hands on the mesh. N.E brings in a chair and sits with D.T inside, they point to each other's chairs and begin to giggle.

Madi Osborne, Educator

Hailee King, RECE

Keara Fiset, OCT, Educator

John Smith R,ECE, AECEO,C.