Infant Program

January 2023

Since we have returned from our holiday break, we have been enjoying the milder weather. No complaints; it’s been wonderful being able to spend more time outside during this time of year but we are sure missing the sun!

On one very rare sunny morning, a couple of our children had observed something in the room: they were pointing at the walls and ceiling and saying “oooh’ and ‘wow’.....There were tiny sparkly lights dancing everywhere! But where did they come from? The children were very excited by their discovery, and soon everyone was looking, pointing, and even trying to catch the tiny points of light.

It turns out the sun was just at the right angle to catch the mirrored surface of our ‘disco ball’ and a beautiful sparkly effect was the result !Hailee and Madi took turns to gently spin the ball and the lights streaked EVERYWHERE much to the delight of the children!

It was such an amazing moment to witness; the children’s faces were full of amazement and joy! Hopefully we will be able to capture this again. We wonder how else we can recreate that visual effect in the room without needing sunlight? Any ideas? We would love to hear them, please let us know!

Don McMahon RECE

Hailee King RECE

Madi Osborne Educator