Infant Program

september 2022

Throughout this month we have been working on mark making with many different kinds of art media. The children have explored markers, pens, pastels, paint and crayons! We have noticed the children exploring various different ways they can make markings on their paper. The children are exploring the ways they can move the markers around the paper through big side to side motions, dotting, up and down motions and circular motions! We have also noticed the children exploring the actual material they are using and different ways they can manipulate them. The children enjoy taking the markers in and out of the bin, taking the markers around the room and putting the lid on and off of the marker bin. Based on this observation, we have had various art materials available for the children to explore at all times of the day. Although we have explored many ways we can make markings, we have a lot more to explore. Perhaps, sponge painting? Whole body painting? Chalk paint? The easel? We will have to see what the next month brings to us.

Don McMahon RECE

Hailee King RECE

MAdison Myrefors RECE