Infant Program

october 2021

As the children began arriving this morning, they gravitated towards many of our musical instruments in the program. They shook the shakers and banged on the small toy drum. We decided to follow their interest in sounds/music by introducing the big drum we had in our storage room. As soon as we brought the drum out, the children’s eyes lit up and they were very intrigued to discover what was going to happen with the drum. We began modelling to the children how to hit the drum to hear the loud echo boom. They began putting their hands on the drum and smiling, which we interpreted as them feeling the vibration from the banging of the drum. We wonder how this vibration felt on the children’s hands as they placed them on the drum.

The children then began to bang on the drum with their hands as well! We noticed some children using their palms and some using just their pointer fingers to create a loud booming sound. The children then got creative and put their feet up on the drum feeling the vibration on their toes! We continued exploring the drum throughout the month of October as the children continued to show interest in drumming and musical instruments.

Emily Skinner HBA Bed

Madison Myefors RECE