Infant Program

August 2022

The children were welcomed into the environment with an exciting new provocation this morning! Yesterday afternoon, we had noticed the children rolling the balls back and forth to each other and all around the room, so we decided to grab some cardboard and set up a ramp for the balls!

Without hesitation, the children were very excited to begin sending the balls down the ramps. Without any prompting, DD began putting the balls on the ramp and watching as they rolled all the way down. EB then came over with a ball that was a little too big to fit, she used her problem solving skills to search for a new ball and make it slide down the ramp effortlessly! BL was a little hesitant at first, but as she continued to watch her peers, she warmed up and jumped right in to rolling her blue ball. R noticed something different that she could roll down the ramp … the cars! She began rolling them back and forth with her hands. DD thought it would be a great idea to let them roll on their own, and that it was! The children stayed at the ramps laughing together as the cars and balls were rolling like crazy!

Madison Myefors RECE

Madeline Compton OCT