School Age Program

september 2020

To some people, this may just look like a jumble of beads and pom poms glued to a piece of felt. To a child, this is a work of art they should be proud to show off. Each piece placed with great attention to detail. Over the month of September, we have been exploring different art materials. This week, we decided to create art with loose materials, such as beads and string which turned into many necklaces and bracelets. This past Monday, we decided to put out a variety of materials such as pom poms, glue, beads and felt pieces. We watched the children create different masterpieces; each child meticulously placing each bead and pom pom with intention and thought. N had just finished with his piece when he shouted “look what I made! It’s Material Land!”. Kayla asked “what is Material Land?” and he replied “it’s made of materials. And it’s only for kids, no adults.” This got Kayla thinking and she asked “what exactly is a material?”. N replied, very matter-of-factly, “materials are what these things are made of!." It is so interesting to see what children create and the thought process behind their creations. As we progress into fall, we will continue to explore different materials in a variety of ways and see where “Material Land” takes us!

Kayla Sharp RECE

Emily Skinner Early Childhood Assistant