School Age Program

february 2020

The children in our program were busy playing school this afternoon! “S” was the teacher again, while “M”, “A”, and “L” were her students. Today, Miss. “B” was teaching her grade six class at The Academy of School & Excellence.

Miss. “B” began her day by accompanying her students to the library. “You can each sign out one book”, she told them.

When they returned back to the room, the students were allotted forty five minutes of independent reading with their new library books.

Miss. “B” handed out lined paper to each of her students. “Here is a piece of lined paper for our next subject … Canadian history!” Miss. “B” took out her book about Canada, and read aloud the chapter entitled What Do Totem Poles Signify? “Now, we are going to write a paragraph about what we know about totem poles”, she instructed her students.

“M” raised her hand … “I have a question, what’s a paragraph?”

“Five or six sentences make a paragraph”, Miss. “B” explained.

The students finished their paragraphs and handed them intoMiss. “B”.

“L” suggested that Miss. “B” to create an “information board” to keep the staff and students of The Academy of School & Excellence informed about important information and upcoming events. Miss. “B” agreed and created a board with a few posters to be hung on it.

Madeline Compton BA BED

Micha Phair Early Childhood Assistant