School Age Program

January 2020

Each afternoon this week, the children have transformed our house centre into a restaurant! It now has a name! "Sage’s Place." Each child has a different role in the play … Some are customers, some are servers, and some are chefs. Today, a food critic even dropped by …

Today, Chloe was working as the server. She had a clipboard and a pen in hand. “It’s really busy here today!” –Chloe.

“I’ll have the fruitcake, please!” –Evan.

“Me too!” –Noah.

A food critic dropped by Sage’s Place this afternoon without warning …

“I ordered maple sausage and toast! I rate it a ten out of ten!” –Zachary.

Zachary sat in the restaurant for quite some time, sampling dishes from each section of the menu.

“The overall rating is five stars!” –Zachary.

Once everyone was gone, Sage began to close up her restaurant. “Look at how many dishes I have to do!” –Sage.

Madeline Compton BA BED

Micha Phair Early Childhood Assistant