Preschool Program

december 2020

What is that up in the sky? It’s small, and white and it’s FLOATING! What could it be? This morning the children were inspired by the wonder of the moon… the shape, the idea, the meaning behind it and the delight it creates within the group! We gathered around the window and observed:

“LOOK! In SKY!” – CC

“The moon?” – CK

“Where is the sun?” – BB

“Is it nighttime?” - TC

“It looks sharp?” – MP


The group engages their observations skills and notices aloud about what they can see, creating dialogue and intrigue between one another. We are so lucky to have our large windows in the room, and really embrace them during moments like this! Being able to bring the outdoors inside is a blessing!

Don McMahon RECE

Megan Brown RECE BA Badmin