Preschool Program

november 2020

How many ways can we sort, organize and order? Is this a concept that can just be connected to thinking in a physical sense? OR can we challenge the children’s thinking using concepts and characteristics regarding materials? “What is the same, similar and different?” This is an idea that we have been discussing with the children and we noticed how it really connects with our continued exploration with sorting.

Airplanes have wings!” – EB

“Not a helicopter, it has propellers” – MP

“Flying in SKY!” - JR

“Like BIRD!” – EA

This is a conversation which inspired a lot of our thinking around sorting concepts or characters. What flies in the sky? What stays on the ground? After we had these discussions, we wanted to continue to challenge the children by offering them a new media to explore with… THE PROJECTOR! We took the opportunity to place a large scenery picture on the wall, offering photos of the characters we have been discussing! The children recognized the scenery and began to associate the characters to the places they may be seen… Cars on the road, planes in the sky, bunnies on the ground! Slowly, each item found a home which demonstrated a form of organizing in a new way. We are excited to see what other ways we will be able to organize our world.

Don McMahon RECE

Megan Brown RECE BA Badmin

Kayla Sharp RECE