Infant Program

January 2020

2020 has started with some interesting and exciting twists! The children in the Infant Group have definitely grown over the holiday break, and have come back to the centre with a huge dose of energy and enthusiasm.

The group has continued their exploration around Visual Art, and ‘Mark-Making’ in particular.Our choice of the term ‘mark-making’ is very intentional. The dots, dashes, strokes and loops that are created from their drawing and painting experiences are a critical part of their learning; not only are the children developing their fine motor skills, but they are building the foundation to help them create and represent their thoughts and ideas! This is a very significant event, as this is part of how we incorporate the 100 Languages in our Approach as a Reggio Inspired centre.

To add to this very intriguing development, some of the older children have begun to label their marks. We are wondering if the children are beginning to have a specific purpose and intent to their drawings and paintings.

What do YOU think the children’s theories could be??

Don McMahon RECE

Jessica Chikoski RECE