Infant Program

february 2021

The infant room can be loud and busy, however, once an educator takes out a story or starts to sing, all the children come running and are ready to sit (or stand) and join in! We take that time to connect and develop deeper relationships with one another through stories, song and dance. We do revisit the same stories or songs over and over which is so important with child development but as a challenge we ensure to expand on them in a different way too.

In the past month we have introduced object stories, felt stories, books, draw and tell stories and even puppets!

We just recently introduced a special “guest”, Dewy the Duck! Dewy is a marionette puppet. The children each got to see Dewy walk around and they all had the excitement of feeling him walk on their hands! To connect Dewy with the songs we have been exploring, we sang the “5 little Ducks” song and he and the children danced together.

One of the other songs we have introduced is “the pigeon song” in which we added small white bird props that each child could hold while we sang the song. The children were in awe as they investigated their little bird. The magic found in the children’s eyes is there to remind us of how wonderful, exciting and beautiful these small but big moments are.

Natasha Agostino RECE

Elissa Hall RECE

Madison Myrefors RECE