Infant Program

January 2021

In the photos displayed there are variety of ways the children are exploring spatial awareness. Can you pick out which skill sets they are using?

“OA” explores putting the plastic coins through the slot in the top of our wooden tunnel. She places each one into the slot and then retrieves them after she runs out. Her peer observes the coins falling to the ground from a distance and quickly connects where the coins are coming from and explores this alongside “OA”.

"M” discovers the joy of sliding down our snow hill in our outdoor environment. While his educator is assisting another child slide down, “M” decides to try and make it back up to the top by climbing up the side of the hill. He uses the tips of his boots to propel himself upwards and repeated this process until he could not make it up any higher.

"R" grabs the water bead bag with both hands and attempts to lift if off the table and it falls onto the ground. He picks it up and places it back on the table and smiles. He then uses his hands to pat the bag over and over. He proceeds to try and squish the beads and then rolls the edge of the bag over. he then lets go of the bag, smiles and repeats the process.

"AK" was observed using her hands to press down really hard on the bag of water beads. The beads move to the surrounding space where her hands are not. She then pats her hands onto the bag repeatedly. She then places the side of her face onto the bag of water beads.

"AL" grabs two plastic spools and was observed carrying one on top of another around our environment. She then placed one spool on a chair and proceeded to stack them on top of each other. She stacks three. The third spool tips over, however, she continues a few more times to keep them stacked. She smiles and then takes the third spool off and walks away.

"OH" used the tip of his fingers to move the paint around in the bag. He then requested assistance from his educator to make more marking on his paper. his educator promoted him to use his hands or fingers to press, pat or pull the paint indifferent directions. "OH" continued with these techniques and then left the table. He then came back to his art experience holding a plastic deer figurine. He proceeded to put the deer's hooves onto the paint and slide it forward. He lifted up the deer, paused, and then repeated this motion several times.

"F" was observed stepping over the large plastic tubes in our environment. He would walk up to the tube and take one steep over, turn sideways and then more his other foot over as well. He would smile and then proceed to repeat the same process for the next tube adjacent to it. He continued this on and off for the duration of the day.

"L" grabs a ball and places it in the opening of the angled tube. The ball rolls down the tube and out onto the carpet. "L" smiles and laughs and proceeds to grab another ball and place it in the tube that is on a steeper angle. The ball gets stuck at the base of the tube. He looks inside the tube and then places another ball inside the same tube with the same result. He returns to exploring the slightly angled tube until the basket of balls is empty. He walks around and lifts the bottom of the steep angled tube and discovers all the balls as they fall to the floor. He smiles and laughs!

Natasha Agostino RECE

Elissa Hall Early Childhood Educator

Emily Skinner HBA Bed