Infant Program

october 2020

This week we’ve added some new toys into our environment. Today Avery found a new purpose for these toys. As she found one of our connecting blocks she picked it up and began rubbing it through her hair. These blocks have little ‘spikes’ similar to a brush. It was so interesting to watch as she made this connection and replayed a familiar idea. It’s amazing the memory recall children have at such a young age. Later she found another item that had a handle similar to a brush. These small details that we may never even see or think of but spark an idea inside these children’s minds. Amazing.

These moments make us appreciate the Reggio philosophy so much as the children take open ended materials to create their own ideas. Each child uses materials in a unique way and we love to foster each individual child’s interest so moments like these are so important to us as we see how each child can create so differently with the exact same toy or material.

Jessica Chikoski RECE

Nicole Heath RECE

Debra Tapsay RECE

Emily Skinner HBA Bed