School Age Program

april 2022

Colouring the snow...

The children have been very interested in exploring chalk in our outdoor environment. It started as a casual drawing session on the concrete around the school. The children were having a great time making marks and pictures with the different colours of our chalks.

One of the children grabbed some snow to try and "erase" their chalk creation. They then noticed that the chalk would turn the snow into rich colours. They gathered scoops for the snow and started to create a rainbow of chalk-coloured snow.

This chalk exploration continued for the rest of the week. The following week, the children were given recycled scoops and buckets for their outdoor play. The children were drawn to the old ice cream containers. They quickly began getting to work with their chalk and snow mixtures.

They filled the ice cream buckets with different colours of snow and opened their "ice cream shop". They then sold their ice cream to their friends; "would you like raspberry, orange, or chocolate flavour?" they asked each other as they took turns running the shop.

Miranda Lange RECE, Sarah Johnston