School Age Program

september 2022

It was a very exciting week here at Corpus Christi, the first week of school! The school agers rushed into the gym to see old friends and some new faces! We spent the morning talking about our summers and all the fun things we did! K talked about his trips and long drives that he encountered this summer. J told us all about the games he played with his friends over the break. K-L and B told their friends about all the fun they had at summer daycare.

With the summer weather slowly coming to an end, we spent a lot of our afternoons outside this week. The children rushed to the playground and got straight to playing. Some children worked on their monkey bar skills while others went to the trees to play pretend games. After some free play, we got some toys out from the shed. J grabbed the football and began working on his passes.

Other children were drawn straight to the bubbles! “I wonder what happens when you mix bubbles and water” - K. We got a container to test his question! He thought if you added water to the bubbles, you would be able to make more “bubble mixture”. After he mixed the water and bubbles, he grabbed a wand to test them out. “It works!” - K. He began popping the bubbles he created. The other children came over to make their own bubble mix! They spent lots of time adding water and bubbles together to create the perfect bubble solution. They then poured their solutions into the bubble containers to fill them back up.

It was a great first week back! We can’t wait to see what this year has in store!

Miranda Lange RECE, Sarah Whitehorse