april 2022

This past month, the preschoolers have been very interested in SEEDS! This interest began one afternoon during our afternoon snack when we were eating apples. “We should collect the apple seeds and plant them so Julie (our cook) doesn’t need to buy apples anymore!” said ‘T’. Since then, the children have been very eager to collect seeds from various different fruits and vegetables! So far we have collected apple seeds, red and yellow pepper seeds, popcorn kernels, beans, cantaloupe seeds, and an avocado pit!

To expand on this interest, we hung the seeds in separate bags on our window for the condensation and sunlight to help our seeds grow! Additionally, we placed the bags on our light table for the children to further explore, as well as opening the bags for the children to create sketches of the seeds. Two weeks after hanging the seeds in the window and examining the seeds' growth, we decided to plant the seeds in soil!

While exploring the seeds these past few weeks, the preschoolers had many thoughts, ideas and theories about what the seeds will do/grow!

‘T’- “The popcorn kernels will grow a popcorn tree!”

‘E’- *Talking about the popcorn kernels* “It’s sprouting!”

‘L’- “What’s coming out of there?”

‘K’- “It’s cracking”

‘L’- “How is there green things? How is it coming out when it doesn’t have a crack?”

‘E’- “It looks like an octopus!” *Referencing the roots coming out of the seed*

‘L’- “It looks like it has LEGS!”


Stay tuned on our journey with seeds/planting!

Natasha Agostino RECE

Emily Merenda RECE

Akansha Kaur Bel.ED.M/M.ed

Cassandra Sheedy Educator