School Age Program

September 2018

Nutrition, Energy, & Food

Since last year the children have taken a real interest in building their own restaurants, complete with their own physical stores, handmade cookbooks, and menus. The children have developed a further understanding and overall curiosity behind the key concepts of food and what it means to the human body.

We plan to expand on this idea and bring some baking into the program. Baking allows for the children to build upon cooking and self-help skills. It allows them to explore sensory experiences and step-by-step activities. It will also allow us to incorporate some nutritional education like learning the concepts of the Canadian Food Guide and health and safety in the kitchen. We will also be adding a new binder to our bookshelf; The Class Cookbook. It will consist of child completed write ups of recipes as well as write ups on the children’s recipe reviews.

Morgan Atwood PSW

Alyssa Haavaldsrud HBA Psych & Gero