School Age Program

october 2019

This month photography has been very popular in our program. All of the children love taking the camera and taking photos or videos of their creations, each other or whatever captures their interest. The children enjoy running around with the camera to take the best possible picture, they even delight in taking little short videos as well if they feel that a photo would not do the situation justice. The question is what do they get out of taking all these photos? For us it gives us a new perspective in seeing the world through the children's eyes. How do they view the world, their environment, their experiences, the materials around them? They are amused with looking back on their photos and retelling the story behind them. We learn more about their ideas, thinking and wonderings! Enjoy some of the photos taken by the school age program.

Holly Schroeder Ba Psych, Lise Charette McKay RECE

A child took a photo of the painted rock he found on the playground. This made me wonder about the story behind how it got there. It is like finding a little mystery. It must of amazed him enough to stop and capture it's image. What does it make you think of?