School Age Program

September 2019

This month has been all about rebuilding our old connections! With most of the children gone for the summer months it has been nice to jump right back to where we left off. Building with friends, playing with our Pokémon cards and so much more has picked back up like they never stopped!

A new interest with the children began with braiding hair. Braids took off when many of our girls were asking to learn to braid and use each other to practice. To help fuel that learning we brought in a training doll head that hair students use to practice on. Crocheting was also introduced to the children as a skill to extend on this interest. This has taken off with many joining the ever-growing crochet circle that happens after snack, and many wanting to make their own blankets! The children were inspired to then braid friendship bracelets which has a different technique than braiding hair. So much new learning has been thriving in the start if this new school year.

Holly Schroeder Ba Psych, Lise Charette-McKay RECE