School Age Program

May 2018


This month we thought it would be fun to introduce some “team building challenges”.Taking advantage of the warm spring weather we were able to spend many afternoons outside, this was the perfect place for our team challenges.The first challenge we chose was a Three- Legged Race.This was very challenging for some teams to work together to successfully make it to the finish line with out falling.The teams were heard either counting “1,2,1,2,” or chanting “right, left, right, left” to help keep them in rhythm.

Ava and Zander followed the adage: slow and steady wins the race.This did prove to be the most successful strategy as they consistently won each round!

For the last round we taped everyone together and carefully made our way to the finish!

For the remainder of the month the children continued to request to be “taped together” so they could practice, we than would have Three-Legged challenges creating obstacle course for them to go through.


Morgan Atwood PSW