School Age Program

december 2019

With the colder weather keeping us inside we have been crafting a lot more. The hot glue gun has been very popular for so many different types of art experiences, it has been used to outline pictures, to hold things together and recently it has been used for dried pasta art! We have all been carefully using the hot glue to help make our creations come to life, the different ideas that have been worked out using the hot glue gun have been amazing. The children 'A', 'A' and 'O' were using dry pasta and the egg carton’s that have been very popular in our program for art to make some wonderful creations, 'A' even added beads to her dry pasta to add some colour. Our hot glue gun has helped a lot of amazing ideas and imagination come to life this past week.

Holly Schroeder Ba Psych, Lise Charette McKay RECE