School Age Program

February 2018


So, munch can happen in just 5 minutes! This month we introduced “5 Minute Science” to our daily schedule.After having some discussion with the group about what they would like to experience in our program the idea of “science experiments” came up.Each week we have been providing a new science experiments for the group to work on.To kick off our science exploration we began with the classic “rubber egg” experiment.Did you know that by simply submerging an egg in vinegar it will become very rubbery and if you leave it long enough you, can gently bounce it? Cash explained the changes happed through “osmoses”.Next, we created mini coloured volcanoes, by providing a tray with baking soda, vinegar dyed red, blue, yellow and green and eye droppers, the children began making mini volcanoes.Through this experience they discovered; what happens when you mix vinegar and baking soda, by mixing colours you can create new colours, and in the end they used stir sticks to create designs in the wet baking soda. To end the month, we experiment with shaving cream, and food colouring.Using a small jar half filled with water and shaving cream on top, the children were mixing food colouring watching it slow move through the shaving cream into the water, it was cool how the colours stayed separate in the water until it was stirred.We are still not sure if this was a science experiment or and art experience… however it was the most enjoyed so far…this experience lasted much longer than 5 minutes!We encourage you to try these experiments at home.


Morgan Atwood PSW