School Age Program

October 2017

Continuing to build relationships through building with Magna-Tiles

This month the children have been continuing to strengthen their relationships while building with the Magna-Tiles.We have introduced this activity as an extension to all the prior building we have observed using the Contraptions, K-Nex and Legos.For the month of September, the children have been using these materials to create cars, ramps, dragons, arena’s, and whatever else their imagination would dream up.They even developed several games, creating rules of how to play; this lead to building a large “arena” following Noah’s plans to contain the games.

The Magna-Tiles allowed for a different way to explore building structures.They discovered how to build supporting walls to hold up heavy roofs, how using two triangles will make a square and how to balance a top-heavy building on a smaller base making a “tree house”.

Along with learning about structures the children were continually developing and strengthening their relationships.They were seen counting tiles to make sure each person had equal amounts to build with, discussing strategies in how to build their structures, problem solving as issues arose, and learning to wait their turn when the area was full. (Sometimes this was hard as this was a popular area to work)

Next we will continue to have the Magna-Tiles available and we will be placing some loose parts near by to see if they will add these materials to their building ideas.

Jen Tervo RECE

Amanda LeClair RECE