School Age Program

January 2021

We had a lot of fun in program creating paper airplanes. We have been experimenting with different sized paper and different types of paper to see if it makes a difference with paper airplane distance. Some of the older students have been using scientific terms when trying to figure out ways to make their planes fly farther. Using terms like ‘drag’ when talking about how the bigger airplanes don’t fly as far because they have ‘drag’. Or the construction paper has more ‘weight’ so it will have more drag. They also asked to use the computer so they can look up designs that are more aerodynamic.They have also been experimenting with tape, adding it to different places on the plane based off how it fly’s, so adding tape to the back to ‘balance it out’ when it the tip goes down fast, or taping the front shut so it doesn’t open.

Holly Schroeder BA Psych, Emily Yetman, Paije Listenmaa RECE