School Age Program

December 2017

Recently the children have been expressing themselves through the 100 Languages. Using different materials available in our program to represent their ideas. Using a variety of materials, the children were creating elaborate settings for role playing, while others were working at the table sculpting, painting and drawing. While reflecting on our observations, we realized that not only were the children representing their thoughts using a variety of mediums, they were also demonstrating their own perspective of how they view the world.

Sterling caught our attention at the end of last week, when we had observed her on many occasions using our camera to take pictures of a variety of random things; stuffed animals, tables, blocks and even the digital picture frame. At one point she was using the camera to “Take X-rays” of injured animals in her “Animal Hospital”. The next day it was “Picture Day” at the “School for Animals”. Sterling even purchased a toy camera at the Christmas Store! Everyday Sterling came in she would ask to use the camera, and once again proceed to take several pictures of what was happening in our program, she was very focused and had a clear purpose for each picture. While watching Sterling engaged in her role-playing it became clear to us that Sterling was exploring what her world looked like through a camera lens.

What an interesting perspective to take! Looking at Sterling pictures it makes you realize how many ways each of us views the things around us. It was inspiring to watch Sterling (the youngest in our program), influence the others in how they began to view their ideas.

(Just a little note; the photo beside Sterling took using the reflection of the mirror to capture the image of the camera and her hands.)


Morgan Atwood PSW