Canadian Study Tour of Reggio Emilia, Italy

Lina joined the Canadian Study Tour of Reggio Emilia, Italy from March 11 to 16, 2018. This is an opportunity for Canadian educators to delve deeper into the Reggio approach to learning. The 'theme' was Pedagogical Documentation as visible listening: Building cultures of childhood and democratic citizenship. The tour included presentations by educators, pedagogisti and atelieristi, 5 buffet lunches, morning and afternoon breaks when required by the program, and bus transportation when required by the program. It also included a visit to an infant-toddler centre one afternoon, a visit to a preschool one morning, and a farewell time in either a preschool or infant-toddler centre. An opportunity to experience an atelier is included in relation with the focus of the week. The study week ended with a walking tour of the older part of the city of Reggio Emilia.

Lina has since been sharing her knowledge and experience with Schoolhouse educators, challenging our thinking, and encouraging us to continue our adventure in learning and implementing this amazing philosophy!