october 2018

The Inch Worm House

October 25, 2018.

Joel was in deep concentration while working at the art table. He described his creation to the educator saying “It’s an inch worm house.” He created many different areas in the house.He stated, “I put the pine cone in there to make them feel like more like their home, cause I’ve seen them on a pine cone tree…that’s for the worms to climb on.”

Joel used clear tape so you could see inside the worm house and masking tape around the outside as a fence. He explained another theory as he removed a piece of tape saying “to get fresh air you pull the tape and blow inside”. Furthermore, "this lets the inch worms in and out." In addition to his creation, he made a sign "to let everybody know" what he created. He said “my grandpa taught me how to do a tie,” as he tied two popsicle sticks together to hold up the sign.

He encouraged his peers to come take a closer look at his "bug house!" which was put on display in the classroom.

Ashlie Johnston