Toddler Program

may 2016

Spring has been an exciting time in our program. The children have discovered the many wonderful things that springtime has to offer, such as the changes in the weather and the plants beginning to grow. We had several discussions with our children about the warmer weather, wearing lighter clothing and runners (“for the climber”), and we even made a chart about what we need for rainy weather and sunny weather. The children often refer to the chart that we have posted in our room, when getting ready to go outside. We even came up with the idea to begin to record our weather. The children were always so excited to report what the weather was like outside as we arrived.

The more we talked about the weather, the more we began to gradually include how things grow into our conversation. We went for a walk and cut a few tree branches off to see what would happen, and in the same day planted grass seed in soil and left both under the window to see what would happen over the weekend. Hunter has some planting experience from gardening with his family, so he gave us the direction to “water our plant” and “put it in the sun.” Since we had been discussing planting so much, a family donated some Kale seeds for us plant. We drew another chart for our predictions of what we would need in order for our kale to grow. We later added the chart to our interactive board along with sketched of grass the children drew and our grass growing chart. We most recently added cut outs of all the materials that we would need for growing our plants. To extend on our planting experience, we visited our community garden in the school yard, and hope to get a few vegetables planted in there by the end of June.

Cheryl Catlin  R,ECE, AECEO,C.   Heather Alanen RECE, HBA BEd