Toddler Program

November 2016

There has been a very interesting and curious exploration happening in our room over the last few weeks, and it is raising a very important questions for us… ‘What is in a line?’. By this, we mean what is it about lines are the children exploring/trying to discover. We have been paying close attention to the conversation and dialogue that is inspired through the creation and discovery of lines. This discovery is so fascinating because the children create and notice lines in many different ways, creating such a dynamic learning experience. When outdoors, the children seem to notice and create lines incorporated and separate from their play experiences. We have noticed them using a variety of materials to interact with this new idea! As a team, we are using research and consistent observation to ensure we capture this inquiry, and encourage further exploration based on the children’s interests.

As C was painting in the photo to the right he said "Big Line!" 

Megan Brown R,ECE, BAdmin,   Alannah Pontello R,ECE, Ba BEd