Toddler Program

July 2017

“Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see?” is a popular children's book and the learning the toddlers have been experiencing from such a simple story is extraordinary! Recently children have moved from the infant program into our toddler program and from their previous experiences, these children have brought  their interest of animals - bears in particular. (So it was no surprise that they were drawn to the story of the brown bear). Multiple times a day, it is requested to read the story, use our toy animals and act out the story, use our felt board to tell the story, or play with our favourite brown bear puppet! The children also enjoy pointing out and matching the different body parts to theirs. As we explore where our ears, eyes, mouth, and nose are along with the animals! Roaring, meowing, quacking and more have been prominent noises in our room as well as “dog,” “fish,” and “bear.” The toddlers are practising turn taking, patience and sharing as they wait for the next page, share objects from the story and return them to their bags when the story is over. This story has quickly become a large part of our day which allows us to laugh, play and learn together. 

Rachelle Minthorn  RECE, RT   Emily Chepil RECE