Toddler Program

december 2016

Our group has been intently exploring the concept of lines, movement and linear pathways. We have observed each child in our program use these concepts in unique ways through their play. Whether it was exploring up/down, drawing and creating lines, noticing lines in structures or moving in linear ways, the children spent a lot of time involved in these investigations. A common idea related to this play continued to be discussed within the group, and suddenly we started to explore ladders in many different ways! We were very aware of the uniqueness of this interest and we wanted to hold onto this and really get to the bottom of it and discover what was driving our group towards this exploration. We began to introduce and provoke language with the group using different forms of ladders, in order to discover what the children know currently and where they want their learning to go. We have spent a lot of time exploring, but still have the question “Where will this investigation take us?”.

Megan Brown  R,ECE,  BAdmin    Alannah Pontello R,ECE  BaEd