School Age Program

May 2016


It has been very energising in the afterschool program as the children have shown an interest in insects this month. Observing the ants scurry across the playground sparked many conversations about them. I questioned the children’s knowledge about this insect to find out how much they already knew. Such as the different types, what they eat, the red ants vs black ants etc. I offered some books to do more research and the internet. Recently the children have been creating “Ant farms” digging holes in the sand and collecting ants from around the playground to fill them. The children intensely observe the tiny bugs as they move in and out and through the dug holes. Presley offers the ants a piece of popcorn and another child offers them a crumb from a cracker. Two ants work together to move the crumb it is fascinating to watch. “Look they are bringing it to the Queen ant” says Landon enthusiastically!

Along with our continued research on bugs, Many of the children enjoy gross motor play such as soccer, Jackpot, football toss skipping and hula hoops. I look forward to more creative learning and fun in the month to come! 

Cristy Kuokkanen SSW